Dillon manufactures a wide range of vibrating screens to serve an even wider range of applications

Small lab or high value products right on up to the large units suited for high volume gravel pit use, there is a Dillon screen ideally suited to your needs.

As small as the M-35 12″ x 4 foot lab model to a M-90 6×16. Single deck scalping, or multi-deck washing. Fully dust enclosed or food grade. One, two and three decks are standard, and up to 5 decks for some special applications.

Replacement parts in stock and available from our warehouse quickly. With proper care and maintenance a Dillon screen can last over 40 years.



Size range: as small as 12” by 48” to as large as 18”x72” or 24” x 48” and with 2 or 3 decks, the Model 35 screen is ideal in a lab or pilot project, grading or separating feeds on a farm, processing high value products, or even separating casting and flashings. The 35mm bearing ensures reliable operation and long life.


Size range: Picking up where the M-35 ends, sizes range from 2’x4’ to as long as 10’ and as wide as 42” in both 2 and 3 deck models. The Dillon Model 50 is a work horse in a number of industries small volume aggregate and pilot sized aggregate plants, sizing stone for asphalt shingles, sizing food grade materials like salt, seeds and cereals, to separating sizes of processed metallic concentrates like nickel. It’s also not uncommon to see a Model 50 mounted on top of a silo.


Size range: Sizes ranging from 3’ wide x 6’ long to as large as 6’ x 14’ in both double and triple decks, wet or dry the M-70’s are versatile enough to many jobs in your quarry or gravel operation while reducing the number of spare parts to support many machines.. The Model 70 drive assembly is a reliable performer with carefully selected bearings, precision shaft and bearing housings. Follow the recommended lubrication guide, and these will last a very long time. • Ideal as a retrofit for other smaller, no longer available screens in asphalt and Rip Rap applications.


The largest in the Dillon product line, the M-90 is a high volume producer available in 5’ or 6’ widths and 12’ to 16’ lengths, double or triple deck, and wet or dry. Using long lasting 90mm bearings and reasonable horse power the Model 90 is one of the most economical cost per ton produces out there today. Even tower structures can be simplified because of the balanced drive system.